Leaky Chimney: From Inspection to Repair

While roof leaks can occur anywhere on your roof, they commonly develop around chimneys, vents, skylights and other roof penetrations. If your notice your chimney leaking during inclement weather, it’s time to schedule a roofing inspection.

Leaky chimney problems can quickly become costly, and may include drywall warping, ceiling stains, insulation saturation, mold growth and interior home damage. Address your leak as quickly as possible; don’t wait to call your Delaware roofing contractor!

Leaky Chimney: From Inspection to Repair

New Roof & Copper Chimney Flashing, Wilmington, Delaware 19810
When your Delaware roofer arrives, he will inspect your chimney  for damage in the form of:

  • Broken bricks or stone
  • Loose mortar joints
  • Cracks around the chimney foundation
  • Deteriorating flashing

Depending upon the extent of the damage and the cause of the leak, the roofer may seal stone or brick cracks and apply water repellant to prevent further leaks. If the chimney material is not damaged, the leak could be caused by flashing damage. Flashing is a type of metal placed around the chimney base and covered with shingles to prevent water infiltration. Some flashing can be repaired, but if it shows signs of rust or other weather wear, your contractor may need to remove shingles to install new flashing. This is not a do-it-yourself undertaking, since improper flashing installation could void your roof warranty.

Your local roofer should also check the cement chimney cap for cracks, breaks or leak causes. If the cap or mortar joints are damaged because of structural shifts, your chimney may require masonry repair.

We Repair Leaky Chimneys! 

Chimney leaks are common this time of year as summer storms begin to roll through Delaware and entire East Coast.

If your chimney is leaking, or you suspect chimney damage, don’t wait to call All Roofing Solutions, a reputable Delaware & Eastern Pennsylvania  roofing company with over 15 years of experience. Our team specializes in roofing repairs and roof replacement, and we offer fast and free estimates for leak diagnosis and chimney leak repair.

To schedule your FREE repair estimate, call 302-725-ROOF (7663) in Delaware or 610-551-ROOF (7663) in Pennsylvania!


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