Residential Roofing: 5 Reasons Behind a Leaking Chimney

Residential Roofing: 5 Reasons Behind a Leaking Chimney

Whether it’s due to aging caulk, cracked cement caps or flashing problems, chimneys are one of the biggest problem areas when it comes to leaks. Chimneys can develop cracks and crevices that allow water to seep into the house. If left unattended, the smallest leak can turn into a big disaster: causing gas hazards, water damage, encouraging insect infiltration or fostering mold growth.

Keep an eye on your chimney during wet months, and call a professional roofing company to arrange for an inspection at the first sign of a leak.

Residential Roofing: 5 Reasons Behind a Leaking Chimney

  1. Missing or damaged chimney cap. A chimney cap prevents debris and animals from entering your chimney, and prevents rain and snow from entering the chimney liner. If you already have a chimney cap, it may be cracked or damaged. Check this first thing, since it is much cheaper to replace a chimney cap than it is to repair more major damage due to water infiltration.
  2. Cracked chimney crown. Your concrete chimney crown shrinks, wears and cracks with age. As small cracks occur, water freezes in the crevice and the crack expands. Depending upon the size of the crack, you may be able to patch or seal it. In cases of major structural damage, the masonry may need replacing.
  3. Flashing problems. Flashing is installed at the base of your chimney where the brick meets the roofing material. If the flashing was not properly overlapped during installation, or the sealant or caulking gives way, it can lead to a leak. Correct layering of flashing materials is critical to good performance, and depending upon the extent of your leak, the flashing may need to be resealed, repaired or replaced.
  4. Leaky bricks. Over time, water seeps into bricks and mortar, and some bricks become soft from absorbing large amounts of moisture. As water freezes, expands and re-shrinks, it may result in water infiltration. A qualified roofing professional can replace damaged bricks/stone and mortar, and recommend a chimney sealant that helps to prevent future problems.
  5. Faulty chimney liner. Occasionally, condensation builds up from gas fumes inside the chimney. If the chimney liner does not fit properly or has corroded and developed holes over time, gas combustion fumes may condense and cause internal moisture buildup. This moisture can soak bricks or building materials that are not protected by the liner.

New Roof & Copper Chimney Flashing, Wilmington, Delaware 19810Many homeowners experience leaks during cold, wet parts of the year, and the chimney is a common problem area. Don’t wait to make repairs to your chimney leak.

If you plan to inspect the chimney yourself, take necessary safety precautions first. Carry a cell phone onto the roof with you, and make sure someone is home while you using the ladder. Avoid the roof altogether if there is snow and ice buildup! Instead, call a professional contractor to assess and repair your chimney leak.

We Repair Leaky Chimneys!

If your chimney is leaking, or you suspect chimney damage, don’t wait to call All Roofing Solutions, a reputable Wilmington DE  roofing company with over 15 years of experience. Our team specializes in roofing repairs and roof replacement, and we offer fast and free estimates for leak diagnosis and chimney leak repair.

To request a no-obligation chimney repair estimate, schedule a roofing inspection or speak with a member of our team, call (302) 725-7663 in Delaware and (610) 551-7663 in Pennsylvania!

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    Roofers don’t have to deal with too many real chimneys here in Miami. They are mostly double-walled flue pipes with a wood frame and stucco box built around it. Roof leaks at chimneys are almost always in the flashings. Nice work!

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