The Cool Roofing Movement: Six Benefits of Roof Coating

You already know that your house and business need a sturdy, well-installed roof to ensure years of trouble-free service. But did you know that applying a roof coating could increase the lifespan of your roof, whether it was installed recently or a decade ago?

Coating your roof can reduce heat energy costs and increase UV and waterproofing protection for the roof. As a roof is exposed to heat and ultraviolet rays over the years, materials break down. This chemical breakdown begins to ruin the roof’s appearance and function. Roof coatings lend strength and longevity to roofing materials while maintaining the aesthetic appearance of any structure.

The Cool Roofing Movement: Six Benefits of Roof Coating

Six Advantages of Roof Coatings

Reflective roof coatings act as a barrier between your roof and the elements, and many are approved by ENERGY STAR for their proven advantages. These include:

#1. Reduced cooling bills

ENERGY STAR-qualified roof coatings lower roof’s surface temperature and decrease your home’s interior temperature by an average of seven to 10 degrees. This happens in two distinct ways:

  1. A reflective roof coating when applied to roofs help reflect more sunlight from the surface reducing the amount of heat absorbed by the structure, which then translates into reduced energy cost.
  2. Quality roof coatings will also reflect damaging ultraviolet and infrared sunlight away from your building (this is called thermal emittance), allowing for cooler roof and building temperatures resulting in a reduction in air conditioning energy usage.

#2. Extended roof life

Roof coatings create a resilient barrier between the elements and the uppermost layers of your roofing material. The right roof coating increases your roof’s waterproof quality guarding your roof from harmful sun rays, prevents UV damage, and reflects heat away from the roof’s surface. This increased the longevity of your roofing while lowering maintenance expenses.

#3. Useful with a variety of materials

Roof coatings are formulated to adhere to a wide range of roofing surface types, including metal roofs, asphalt roofs, composite roofs, galvanized metal, wood, and others. However, before applying roof coatings to materials such as shingle, check your manufacturer’s warranty to see if these spray/brush-on products void your warranty. And when replacing a roof, consider upgrading to reflective coating shingles to benefit from the “hot” cool-roofing movement taking place in America.

#4. Avoiding early roof replacement

Small leaks and other minor damage can be repaired before a roof coating is applied. In some cases, you may be able to avoid full-scale replacement of your roof for several years if you utilize the right coating for the job. “Roof restoration using a coating system can save the owner 50-70% when compared to replacing the entire roof,” said David Bade, owner of St. Louis-based Bade Roofing Company “With a roof restoration, owners avoid the cost of tearing off the existing roof, purchasing new materials and paying labor fees to replace the existing roof. Not to mention the environmental impact that roofing materials have when disposed in a landfill.”

#5. Fade resistance

Reflective roof coatings help your roof maintain its color over time improving the overall look of your home as it ages. Since the roof coatings are reflective, the color of the roof is maintained for a longer duration, which makes your house look more appealing.

#6. Sustainable and environmentally-friendly roofing

One final peripheral benefit of roof coatings is that they help reduce waste by extending the life of your roof thus minimizing the amount of debris produced during maintenance and repair. Today, most coatings are specially formulated for environmental safety as well, so you don’t have to worry about production techniques or dangerous chemicals. Cool roofs also benefit the environment by reducing local air temperatures (the urban heat island effect) and lowering peak electricity demand.

Consider Applying Roof Coating

Reflective roof coating is your answer to a long lasting roof! If you’re considering this simple yet effective method of extending the life of your roof, call All Roofing Solutions, a family owned & operated DE roofing contractor with nearly 20 years of experience. We are fully licensed and insured to do roofing & siding installation, maintenance and repair work in Delaware and Pennsylvania!

We’ll help you decide which roofing material, and coating, is the best for your family residence, commercial facility, or office complex – and handle all your installation projects, large and small.

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New Roof Installation: How to Find a Quality Roofing Contractor

Roofing replacement is a costly project you want done right the first time, so finding a skilled contractor at a fair price should be your top priority. Don’t rush through this process – vet your contractors carefully as the future of your roof depends on it.

Make sure you hire a professional who will do the job properly, on time, keeping glitches to a minimum.

Shopping for a skilled & reliable roofing contractor is much like shopping for anything else with a large price tag. Do your homework to learn about each potential candidate before taking the plunge with any particular company.

New Roof Installation: How to Find a Quality Roofing Contractor

How to Find a Quality Roofing Contractor

Tips for finding a reliable roofer include:

  • Word of Mouth. Ask your friends, family, or co-workers who they recommend for roof repairs. Call your local Chamber of Commerce for recommendations, check Better Business Bureau as well.
  • Interviews. Contact several roofing companies and get a comparable estimateGetting multiple roofing estimates is key – only by comparing identical information you will know who is the best fit for the job and what the project is going to involve in terms of cost. Ask about their money-down policies. Ten percent down is customary; anything more than 50 percent down could cause you to raise your eyebrows. Compare the materials each contractor prefers to be sure your roof will be repaired or replaced with the best quality available for the price you are paying. Ask them to bring references, and notice if they show up on time. Reliability and exceptional customer service are as important as the skill level they bring to the table.
  • Credentials. Choose a roofing contractor that is licensed and insured in your home state. Ask about both indemnity (liability) and worker’s insurance, noting the coverage end dates. Check the length and types of warranties they provide. Both materials and workmanship warranties can vary greatly, and some roofers offer comprehensive systems warranties as well. A minimum warranty of one year is standard for the roofer’s labor, but many roofers offer longer warranties. Also: make sure that your roofing contractor has a proven experience in installing your particular roofing material.
  • Logistics. Find out how long the job will take to determine if the contractor’s schedule meshes with yours. Ask who will do the actual work: do they have their own team or is there a subcontractor? If the latter, ask the contractor to supply subcontractor contact information, and ask the subcontractor all the same questions.
  • Financing. New roof installations can be pricey. A qualified roofing contractor that provides financing could be the right choice depending on your individual situation.
  • Online. Check the roofer’s online reviews at sites like Google+, Yelp, InsiderPages, or ask around on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions throughout the hiring process. Home improvement projects are fraught with contracts, fine print, and probably a series of roofing terms you may not understand. Roofing professionals are homeowners just like you and know you want the best for your home. They are used to explaining their vocabulary and process. Be sure you know what to expect from your contractor before the project starts.

Hire Contractors You Can Trust!

If you’d like to schedule a roofing inspection to evaluate the overall condition of your roof, contact All Roofing Solutions.  We’re a family-owned business with nearly 20 years of experience in residential and commercial roofing. Our mission is to provide top-notch workmanship and the best customer service experience to our customers!

We offer a wide range of roofing services to customers throughout Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania. Our experienced roofing contractors will help you chose the right materials for your roofing project and install it with the finest craftsmanship you deserve.


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Residential Roofing: Roof Cleaning 101

Residential Roofing: Roof Cleaning 101

It’s inevitable that algae, moss, dirt and grime will collect on your roof over time. Not only will these contaminants reduce your home’s curb appeal, but they can also damage your roof if they are left untreated. The good news is that DIY roof cleaning is a straightforward process that even inexperienced homeowners can handle.

For the best results, use methods intended to address specific problems. Debris, moss and algae stains each require a slightly different approach.

Cleaning Roof Debris

Sticks, branches, pine needles and leaves will collect on your roof if it’s within close range of tall trees. Here’s how to safely get rid of debris:

  1. Climb onto your roof and clear large pieces of debris by hand.
  2. Use a brush or broom with soft bristles to sweep away smaller particles.
  3. Finish by using a leaf blower to get rid of any lingering remains.

Get Rid of Roof Moss

Moss can cause roof leaks if it’s left for an extended period of time. You should not only get rid of it promptly, but you should also take preventive action to prevent its regrowth. Here is an easy, proven method:

  1. Prepare an acidic or basic cleaning solution. Moss cannot survive in environments with a pH level below 4 or above 7.
  2. A combination of baking soda or baking powder, salt, liquid dish detergent and bleach or ammonia mixed with hot water will create an effective basic environment. Note: do not use bleach AND ammonia. Use bleach OR ammonia.
  3. To create an acidic environment, mix vinegar and hot water in about a 50/50 mix. You can also add citrus fruit juice for a little extra punch.
  4. Some professionals simply apply chlorine to roof moss; this is a third method you may want to try.
  5. Saturate mossy areas on the roof with the cleaning solution. Do not rinse. The moss will die within a few hours, and any lingering traces will be washed away at the next rainfall.

To prevent moss from growing back, trim any nearby tree branches which shade your roof. Moss needs shade to thrive, and it won’t return if your roof is always exposed to open air and sunlight.

Remove Algae and Black Stains

To get rid of algae and black stains, prepare an acidic solution similar to the one mentioned above for removing moss. Saturate the roof with the solution, then spot clean with a soft brush or broom to clean heavily stained areas.

A Few Words of Warning

Here are a few pieces of advice to keep in mind during roof cleaning, and roofing maintenance in general:

  1. Never use a pressure washer on a roof. This can damage even the most resilient types of roofs (including metal roofs).
  2. Test any cleaning solution on a small sample of your roof’s material to make sure it won’t cause stains or corrosion.
  3. Use a gentle touch and a soft-bristled broom or brush if you’re going to scrub shingles. Otherwise, you could damage them.
  4. Start from the top and work your way down to reduce your chances of slipping on a slick roof.

Need Help With Roof Maintenance?

Performing a little routine roof maintenance can go a long way in keeping your shingle roofing in tip-top shape. If you’ve fallen behind, or need a professional to inspect or clean your roof, contact All Roofing Solutions, your Delaware & Pennsylvania roofing repair specialists. We’re here to help with all your roofing needs, and are available to assist you 24/7.

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