Featured Roofing Material: GAF Timberline HD Lifetime Shingles

Shingle roofing remains the most common–and most popular–choice in residential roofing in Delaware today, but how do you choose a shingle that is right for your home?

As a full service roofing company, All Roofing Solutions has installed many different types of roofing materials from variety of manufacturers over the course of nearly 20 years. We watched many products come and gone and many others that have withstood the test of time.

As shingle roofing specialists in Delaware and Pennsylvania, we’ve worked with GAF extensively, and we’ve have come to appreciate GAF’s outstanding & unmatched performance.

Featured Roofing Material: GAF Timberline HD Lifetime Shingles

GAF Timberline Shingles offer:

  • huge choice selection – since they’re the most popular roof shingle installed in DE & PA, they are easy to acquire and are readily available in every color.
  • a Limited Lifetime Warranty (for as long as you own your home)
  • independent backing by the Good Housekeeping seal of approval
  • lightweight roofing systems
  • proven advanced durability
  • 4.8 out of 5 star consumer rating
  • Class A fire rating
  • 110 mph wind rating
  • peace of mind  – they’ve been around for over 100 years, meaning they will be around to back up their warranties

GAF Timberline HD Lifetime Shingles are great asphalt shingles to work with. Yet, it doesn’t matter what the quality of material is if it’s not installed properly. That’s why it’s critical to select the right roofer for your replacement, one with expertise in the material you eventually choose. Pick a solid contractor to do the job and you won’t be disappointed with any decent product. Pick the wrong contractor, and it won’t matter what material you go with when faced with their installation failures.

We have nearly 20 years of experience in residential roof replacement, proudly serving home owners in DE & PA. Our mission is to provide top-notch workmanship and the best customer service experience to our customers!

GAF Timberline HD Lifetime Shingles in Action

Below are few recent roofing replacement projects by All Roofing Solutions featuring GAF Timberline HD Lifetime Shingles.

GAF HD LifeTime Timberline Shingles, James Hardie Siding/Trim, InvisiVent CertainTeed Soffit & Seamless Gutters Installation, Media PA 19063

GAF HD LifeTime Timberline Shingles, James Hardie Siding/Trim, InvisiVent CertainTeed Soffit & Seamless Gutters Installation, Newark ‎DE‬ 19711

GAF HD Lifetime Timberline Shingle Roofing, Vinyl CertainTeed Siding, and Aluminum Seamless Gutters Replacement, West Chester PA 19382

GAF HD Lifetime Timberline Shingle Roof Replacement, Bear DE 19701

Need A Reliable Shingle Roofing Contractor In Delaware or Pennsylvania?

If you’re looking for a contractor with shingle roofing installation expertise, consider All Roofing Solutions, a family owned & operated Delaware roofing contractor with nearly 20 years of experience in residential and commercial roofing. We are fully licensed and insured to do roofing & siding work in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

Why Choose All Roofing Solutions

  • 19 Years of Roofing Experience
  • Fully Licensed & Insured Contractor
  • Family Owned and Operated Local Contractor
  • Valid Workers Compensation Policy
  • 30 Year Workmanship Guarantee on Full Roof Replacements
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Lien Waver to Protect the Homeowners From Material Liens
  • Better Business Bureau Member
  • Complimentary Extended Material Warranty
  • 24 HR Emergency Service to Current Customers
  • On Site Quality Control
  • Factory Certified Installers
  • Own crew – no subcontractors!

To schedule your free consultation, call 302-725-ROOF (7663) in Delaware or 610-551-ROOF (7663) in Pennsylvania.

Roofing Replacement vs. Repair: 7 Deciding Factors to Consider

All roofs deteriorate and eventually need to be replaced. But, when is the right time to re-roof? When are repairs enough? If you replace your roof too soon, you’ll waste money. If you wait too long, you risk ending up with roof leaks and expensive water damage.

When to re-roof depends on several factors, including the shingles’ wear and age, the climate in your area, and your home’s susceptibility to future damage.  If you’re conflicted and can’t decide whether to replace or repair, read on – we’ll help you make the right call.

Roofing Replacement vs. Repair: 7 Deciding Factors to Consider

Roofing Replacement vs. Repair: 7 Deciding Factors to Consider

Since roofing replacement is a rather costly investment, most homeowners want to postpone it for as long as they can, especially if the roof has reached the stage where it’s starting to have problems but is not completely shot. The cost of a shingle roof has roughly doubled during the last 10 years, after all so repairs might seem more desirable. Yet, many contractors will push for complete replacement, more focused on their bottom line than what’s best for their customer. So what’s the right call?

7 factors to consider in deciding whether to repair or replace

  • You roof’s age is one of the most important considerations. Most asphalt shingles have a lifespan of about 15 – 30 years. If the roof is damaged but most of it is still in good shape, a spot repair may make sense. But, if the roof is approaching (or past) 20 years old, replacing it may be the better way to go long-term.
  • If there’s a leak somewhere, an inspection will help you determine how widespread it is. Often, roofs will leak along flashing points. If this is the case, and the leak is isolated, a quick repair may be all that is necessary. If the roof is leaking in several places, a roofing replacement may be in order.
  • Give some thought to how long you intend to be in the home. If you’re planning to sell in the next few years, and the roof is in generally good condition, it may make more sense to have repairs done.
  • If you opt to replace your roof, you may be able to incorporate environmentally-friendly features that qualify for local or federal tax credits to offset the cost. Also, new materials are generally more energy efficient, last longer, and perform better so an upgrade is desirable long-term.
  • If you’re replacing your roof, you may find that the type and/or quality of roofing material you use can qualify you for significant discounts on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Materials that are more resistant to fire or wind and hail damage will often result in lower rates.
  • As you consider the costs, you may or may not be able to lay another layer of shingles over the existing roof, rather than removing the current layer and starting “from scratch”. At the same time, removing the old shingles will allow you to inspect the roof deck or sheathing, and add ice-and-water-shield membrane along the eaves (which can only be applied to a clean deck and will help prevent damage due to ice dams).
  • If you’re thinking about replacing your roof, don’t forget to consider “hidden costs”, including gutter replacement or landscape damage. A reputable roofing contractor will produce a comprehensive estimate detailing all of the project’s costs.

Repairs are less expensive but tend to be more of a short-term solution, while a new roof is a big expense but should last you for decades. Either way, make the right decision today and you won’t have to worry about leaks and damage when storms roll through.

Your Local Contractor Can Help

At All Roofing Solutions, we work regularly with homeowners considering the “replace vs. repair” question. As experienced residential roofing contractors, our dedicated team of professionals is ready to help you with making the right decision for YOU. We will give you sound, impartial advice on what preventative measures can be taken to extend the life of your roof, and whether replacement of repair is the better decision.

Whether you need quick repairs or a complete replacement, we take each project seriously. With nearly 20 years of experience in roof repair and installation, we make sure every job is done right, with quality products and following industry-leading standards.

Call today at 302-725-ROOF (7663) in Delaware or 610-551-ROOF (7663) in Pennsylvania.
From new roof installations to comprehensive repairs, we’ve got your covered!

Residential Roofing Installation: Top 3 Energy Efficient Materials

Sometimes coined “cool roofing,” energy efficient roofs have been growing in popularity due to their ability to lower utility bills and reduce your home’s carbon footprint. While most of these roofing materials cost more upfront, you’ll enjoy saving money over the course of your roof’s life—and have peace of mind knowing that you’ve made a sustainable decision.

Cool roofing is simply roofing materials that save energy by keeping both your roof and your house cooler during the warm seasons when you need to use the air conditioner.

Conventional roofing materials, like shingles and wood, reflect only a small portion of the sun. Most of the sun’s heat is transferred to the sheathing below the roofing material, into the attic and then the rest of the house, requiring air conditioning to work harder. On the other hand, efficient roofing materials reflect 20-80 percent of the sun’s rays back, depending upon regional climate, the direction your home faces and the specific material you choose. Less heat is transferred inside, leading to lesser demand put on your house’s cooling system, which ultimately saves you money on your energy bill.

Residential Roofing Installation: Top 3 Energy Efficient Materials

Residential Roofing Installation: Top Energy Efficient Materials

Top 3 energy efficient residential roofing materials:

  • Metal: Metal roofs are considered among the most energy efficient types of roofs. They reflect a greater share of the sun’s rays and, depending on any coating applied to the metal, homes may see a savings of 20 to 30 percent on air conditioning costs. Bottom line: steel, aluminum and other metals reflect a great deal of sunlight, plus are fire- and insect-proof and flame retardant, as well as other “green” benefits!
  • Tile: Clay and concrete tile roofs withstand the weather particularly well, offer natural thermal resistance and create a natural ventilation that provides a thermal barrier for heat transfer to the roof deck (since they’re installed individually with airspace around the tiles). Additionally, tiles can be painted with a reflective coating further increasing their energy efficiency. Bottom line: tiles are natural, recyclable, energy efficient and environmentally-friendly, and last 50 years or more!
  • Energy Star Products: The Energy Star rating is given to a variety of materials that reduce a roof’s surface temperature—and thus, a home’s air conditioning use. Ask your residential roofing contractor about which materials are recommended by Energy Star or visit their website.

Worth Considering Before Roofing Replacement

  • Before deciding upon an environmentally friendly roofing material for your new or existing home, do your research and acquire at least three installation estimates from different roofing companies that you can compare.
  • Remember to consider things like maintenance, too. Metal and tile roofs are very easy to maintain, and come with comprehensive warranties lasting many years.
  • Finally, it’s important to check with your homeowner’s association and local municipality’s building department before purchasing roofing materials. Certain cities may require a particular type of roofing material and/or or grade of material, and associations may have certain color or material requirements as well.

Energy efficient roofing offers both financial and environmental benefits. If you live in an area with a predominance of warm weather and sunny days than it’s definitely worth considering a cool roof. You can calculate your savings here to see whether a cool roof makes sense in your case.

Ask Professionals For Help

To learn more about the eco-friendly benefits of copper, stainless steel, aluminum and tile roofs, contact All Roofing Solutions. We offer free estimates and competitive pricing on a variety of energy efficient roofing materials.

Family owned and operated, we’ve been installing roofs for nearly 20 years! We provide affordable & professional replacement and installation services to customers throughout Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania, and are passionate about providing great customer service and excellent workmanship!

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