Roof Replacement Costs in Delaware

Roof Replacement Costs in Delaware

Roof replacement costs are influenced not only by the type of roofing being installed, but also by the contractor’s skill and quality of workmanship, warranty protections, and the physical characteristics of the dwelling. Additional components, such as underlayment and decking, as well as the number of layers being added will also affect the price.

However, consumers in Delaware can use current price range estimates to help them determine the relative value being offered by the price quotes supplied by competing contractors.

A good starting point is to understand the current market, in terms of the average price ranges for roofing replacements. Costs vary considerably, depending on whether you’re installing a shingle roof, a metal roof or a flat roof.

Remember, too, that the up-front cost is only part of the story; specific to metal, installation costs are higher, but lifespans are longer and they also pay off through energy savings thanks to their ability to reflect sunlight and improve insulation properties.

Current Average Roof Replacement Costs in Delaware

Most contractors quote prices per 100 square feet of roofing surface area, so if you don’t already know the exact dimensions of your roof, you should begin by calculating accurate measurements. From there, you can use these guidelines to estimate the current average costs of the three most popular types of residential roofs:

  • Asphalt shingle roofs current cost between about $200 and $320 per 100 square feet of surface area, with $266 being the overall average. These estimates assume that you are using standard-quality shingles, and that you are overlaying the replacement shingles atop existing materials. If you’re adding a new underlayment, or if you’ve elected to invest in premium shingles, expect your costs to be higher.
  • Metal roofs show a current range of approximately $950 to $1,250 per 100 square feet, with the average cost coming in around $1,100. Again, this estimate assumes certain parameters – specifically, that you are using standing seam metal roofing tiles and are not completely tearing off the existing roof.
  • Flat roofs are currently commanding between $165 and $275 per 100 square feet, and averaging about $220, assuming no tear-off of the existing roof and that a standard asphalt roll is being used.

If contractors you’re considering charge prices well above or well below these ranges, it’s a good idea to find out why. Carefully research any roofing company you’re considering to see how happy previous customers have been with their work, and whether or not the workmanship has held up for the entire warranty period.

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    Roofs are significantly expensive and depend on the kind of roofing you prefer. I do agree that cost can be higher if premium roofing will be chosen but at least it is worth the investment. Among the 3, it is safe to assume that asphalt shingle roof is the most expensive but the most durable and can stand any kind of weather. Although the 2 aren’t bad themselves and is best if you’re on a tight budget. Although the pricing mentioned are rough estimates, it is still good to know the price range of roofs and how each vary from other kinds of roofing.

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