5 Steps to Comparing Multiple Roofing Installation Estimates

When you’re considering multiple roofing contractors for your new roof installation project, it’s always a good idea to collect multiple written estimates that you can compare.

While project cost is an important consideration, it’s certainly not the only thing you need to worry about. In fact, many homeowners make the mistake of going with a particular contractor simply because they’re the cheapest, only to learn later that shoddy workmanship and inferior materials led to unsatisfactory results.

5 Steps to Comparing Multiple Roofing Installation Estimates

5 Steps to Comparing Multiple Roofing Installation Estimates

The easiest way to compare multiple estimates is to make a checklist of everything you need, and have each contractor submit competitive bids based on what you want. This gives you a quick overview of which company is offering the best products and services at the lowest possible price. Your roofing replacement checklist should include cost, warranty, material, labor, financing, and incidentals questions.

Looking beyond the bottom-line price, here are five other points of comparison to consider when you’re sizing up installation estimates:

  • Warranty. First, avoid contractors who don’t stand behind their work with a warranty. A good warranty should cover both the materials and the installation for an extended period of time. For example, many asphalt shingles come with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty; the very best contractors will guarantee their installations for a similar duration of time.
  • Materials. In addition to materials warranties, check to make sure that all materials are covered in the estimate. This includes the raw materials used to build your roof (shingles, metal tiles, etc.) as well as all supplementary materials (sealants, underlayments, etc.).
  • Labor. Ask the contractor to itemize labor costs. While you may be hesitant to work with a contractor whose labor costs are higher, remember that better-paid workers tend to do a better job and earn higher wages because they have more experience.
  • Financing. If you’re financing your roofing installation, look carefully at interest rates and read the fine print to see if any conditions or exclusions apply. Calculate total interest costs over the duration of the financing arrangement to see which roofing contractor offers the most advantageous terms.
  • Incidentals. Finally, see if “incidentals” are included in the estimate. This catchall term covers things like site cleanup and waste disposal.

Of course, you should also carefully research each installation contractor you’re considering. Ask the contractors for referrals to past customers, and follow up with those contacts. Check their online reviews. Find out if the contractor performed to expectations and honored the terms of their original estimate.

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    The biggest confusion out there is regarding the different warranties available. Not only there are material & workmanship warranties that may differ from contractor to contractor. Some contractors offer “system warranties,” which cover each and every component that is installed in your roof. These are comprehensive and provide you with excellent protection.

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