Shingle Roofing Installation: Common Mistakes Made by Contractors

Shingle Roofing Installation: Common Mistakes Made by Contractors

Proper installation is vitally important to the successful life of any roof.  The fact is, however, that all types of roof systems can be prone to potential workmanship or installation errors, shortening the lifespan of the roof.

Shingle Roofing Installation: Common Mistakes Made by Contractors

In the installation of shingle-roofing, there are several common mistakes that need to be avoided, including:

  • Inadequate or improper underlayment application. Underlayment serves as weatherproofing barriers beneath the roof’s asphalt shingles. Incorrectly applied moisture barriers can lead to leaking roofs. An  experienced roofing contractor will install a waterproof, adhesive membrane along valleys and eaves, as well as ice and water shields to protect wood decking, chimneys, pipe flanges and roof connections.
  • Improper shingle nailing. To prevent leaks and blown-off shingles, it’s very important that roof shingles are properly nailed. Nails should be driven straight into the deck, and should penetrate a minimum of 3/4 of an inch through the deck. Following the manufacturer’s specifications, including both the placement and number of nails, will provide a tight seal between the shingle and the decking.
  • Leaving out the starter strip. A common error among inexperienced roofers, the absence of a proper starter strip fails to provide an appropriate base for shingle application. Following the manufacturer’s specifications, the starter shingles should be applied at the rake and continue along the eaves.
  • Reusing old flashing. When replacing an existing roof, the old flashing may look serviceable, but there is always a possibility that it has been punctured or damaged. New flashing is a small component in the cost of a roof replacement. Always install new flashing.
  • Shingles do not overhang at the eaves. The shingles should overhang the eaves and the rakes by a minimum of 1/2 inch.

Hiring an experienced contractor can make all the difference in the proper installation of a shingle roof.

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    Critical info homeowners need to be aware of before having their roofing worked on!

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    Some actually very good tips to secure your roofs from such contractors, make it and your roofs will be stay long last.

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    Excellent article and you see these things all the time, generates a lot of roof repairs for us in Miami. Low nails, exposed nails and improperly driven nails are the main culprits. Also see a lot of shingles on roofs which do not have enough slope, or pitch.
    Roofer Mike

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