Common Types of Roofing Materials

Common Types of Roofing Materials

Just as there are many styles of homes, a wide variety of roofing materials exist on the market today. Choosing the type of roofing material that is right for your home may be a difficult decision at first, but once you learn more about each type of material, your options will become more clearly defined. If you are unsure about the specific benefits and attributes of a certain roofing material, discuss the matter with your Delaware roofing contractor.

Types of Roofing Materials

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingle roofing is by far the most common type of roofing installed in the residential sector today. This type of roof has many advantages: it is economical, easy to maintain and suitable for steep-sloped roofs. Asphalt shingles are installed in one- or two-layer constructions, and are reinforced with fiberglass. Choosing an eye-catching color for your roof is easy with asphalt shingles; a wide selection of colors has something for everyone. Several grades of asphalt shingles exist, and most include a lifespan of 20 to nearly 50 years.

Wood Shake

Wood shakes are slightly thicker at the butt end than shingles, and are usually crafted from pine, cedar or redwood. Wood shake roofing lends an outdoorsy, warm and natural look to your home. Shakes are treated with chemicals to become fire-retardant, and may also be treated with preservatives to prevent mildew and rot. The average lifespan of a wood shake roof is between 8 and 25 years.


Slate roofing shingles are an example of a naturally occurring material. They are non-absorbent, variegated in color and sophisticated in style. Slate roofing can be more fragile than asphalt or wood shakes, requiring semi-yearly roof inspections. One of the benefits of a slate roof is its long lifespan. Depending on the type of slate you choose, your home may not need a new roof for 60 to 100 years!


Metal roofing, made of copper, steel or aluminum, is efficient, durable and environmentally sound. Recyclable materials can be fitted atop of an existing roof and last for upward of 50 years. Metal roofs are virtually maintenance free, and are resistant to mildew, fire, corrosion, wind, rain and hail.

Low Slope and Flat

Flat or low slope roofing does not have the same elegant style as wood shake or slate, but makes up for it by keeping your home dry. Flat and low slope roofing, constructed from roll asphalt or synthetic rubber materials, excels in the area of waterproofing. Multiple layers are designed to keep water out of your home. In addition, flat and low slope roofs have a lifespan of 10 to 30 years.

Common Types of Roofing Materials


Clay or concrete, tile roofing is easy to maintain, fire-proof and durable. Tile roofs can be expensive, however, tricky to install or repair and heavy. Tile roofs offer one of the longest warranties in the roofing industry. Most tile manufacturers (both clay and concrete) will offer a minimum of a 50 year limited warranty on their products.


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