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Flat Roofing Installation: Top 5 Materials, Their Cost, Benefits And Drawbacks

Utilized in both residential and commercial roofing, flat roofs offer both aesthetics (a unique architectural looks and styles) and convenience (a place to install HVAC units, for example). They also come with a bit of a reputation for causing problems, however. Flat roofs are often more prone to leaks and damage than their sloped counterparts, and […]

Budgeting For a New Roof? Roof Replacement Costs in Delaware

When it’s time to replace your roof, the number one question is, “how much will it cost?” And the answer is, it depends. The cost of replacing a roof is influenced by a variety of factors but mostly by the type of roofing being installed, your contractor’s skill and quality of workmanship, warranty protections, and the physical […]

Top Flat Roofing Materials: EPDM Rubber Roofs

EPDM is an acronym for “ethylene propylene diene monomer,” an exceptionally durable type of synthetic rubber compound used mostly in flat roofing since 1960s,. It is primarily made of reclaimed materials, including tires, slate dust, and sawdust. Top Flat Roofing Materials: EPDM Rubber Roofs Roofing is EPDM’s most popular application, as it is very inexpensive […]

Flat Roofing: EPDM Installation FAQ

EPDM roofing is a highly durable and long-lasting synthetic rubber-based material that is especially popular on buildings with gentle slope grades. Available in several different thicknesses and tones, EPDM roofing offers proven advantages including: Outstanding resistance to hail and fatigue Strong performance in low temperatures Elite wind, heat and fire resistance Resistance to UV radiation, […]

Flat Roofing Repairs v. Replacement: Making The Right Call

If you have a low-slope roof or flat roof, you need to make special considerations when you’re faced with a “repair or replace” dilemma. Flat roofs have their pros and cons. They are often easy and much cheaper to install comparing to tile or cedar roofing.  At the same time, they tend to be difficult […]

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