7 Steps to Locating and Patching Minor Roof Leaks

Many homeowners look to save money by making minor roof repairs on their own. If you’re up for the challenge, your first step will be to learn how to pinpoint and fix small leaks.

While the location of the incoming water will often betray the leaky spot, identifying the source of the problem isn’t always as straightforward as it might seem. Your repair strategy will also be influenced by the location, size and orientation of the leak, but the good news is that both issues can be addressed with some simple investigation and action.

7 Steps to Locating and Patching Minor Roof Leaks

7 Steps to Locating and Patching Minor Roof Leaks

Follow these seven simple steps to locate and fix minor leaks in your roof:

  • Check for any penetrations in the roof; these are, by a wide margin, the most common source of roof leaks. They are normally found within a few feet of the interior ceiling location where the leak appears to be centered.
  • Remove shingles in the area where you suspect the leak is located, and look for telltale signs like water stains and rotting structural underlayments.
  • If you still can’t find the leak, enlist the help of an assistant. Have one person stay inside at the apparent source of the leak and have the other go up on the roof with a water supply. Work systematically by wetting localized areas of the roof with the water supply until the person inside sees water start to dribble from the ceiling. By notifying the person on the roof when the interior leak appeared, it will be easy to localize the leak to a specific area.
  • Clear shingles from the affected area of the roof, leaving a few feet of open space on all sides of the leak.
  • Assess the condition of the shingles, as well as the condition of underlying elements of the roof. Identify elements that need to be repaired or replaced; some leaks are caused by relatively simple problems like curled or damaged shingles, while others result from damage to the roof’s underlying structural features.
  • Seal off any penetrations that are allowing water to enter your home through a hole or other breach in the integrity of the underlying roof structure.
  • Replace all damaged, missing and removed shingles with new ones, taking care to ensure they are fully adhered to the roof surface with nails as well as roofing cement.

7 Steps to Locating and Patching Minor Roof LeaksIn the event that you uncover a major problem, it’s best to enlist the help of a licensed roofing professional to assess the damage. More elaborate and intensive repairs can be difficult and onerous, and in many cases, even experienced DIY-ers are better off investing in the safety and skill of a qualified roofing repair contractor.

Hire Professional Roofer To Help!

Don’t put off repairing a leak, as this can lead to additional structural problems, mold growth and high levels of moisture and humidity, all of which can be difficult and expensive to repair.

If you’d like to schedule a roofing inspection to diagnose specific problems or evaluate the overall condition of your roof, contact All Roofing Solutions. We offer affordable, expert roof repair, replacement and installation services to customers throughout Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania. We’re a family-owned business with nearly 20 years of experience in residential and commercial roofing. We are passionate about providing great service and excellent workmanship!

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    More home owners should see this post! Great guidelines for homeowners and even some contractors!!

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    There is one more method that home owners can use themselves, very easy and practical. Go the attic during the day time, turn the lights off and look for pinhole spots of lights coming into the attic, typically these are found around chimneys and the vents.

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