5 Steps To An Effective Winter Roofing Maintenance

5 Steps To An Effective Winter Roofing Maintenance

While roof maintenance may be the last thing on your mind during the chilly weather, one could make the case that roof care is more important in winter than at any other time of year. This is largely due to the threat of ice dams, which can wreak havoc on your roof and attic and cause major damage.

5 Steps To An Effective Winter Roofing Maintenance

Here is a winter roof maintenance checklist to help you cover your bases:

  1. Inspect your gutters regularly for signs of ice dams and icicles forming. Large icicles hanging off your gutters are the telltale sign of ice dams, but they aren’t always this conspicuous. Additionally, if too much ice builds up, gutters can become too heavy and rip away from the home, leaving you with damage and hefty gutter repair bills. If you find any ice dams blocking your down spouts, remove them right away.
  2. Clogged gutters and downspouts can’t channel water and snowmelt away from your home which can lead to serious damage. Ensure your downspouts and fascia are not clogged by ice, snow or other debris such as stray branches or dead leaves. And while you’re at it, inspect your downspouts for any leaks or signs of excessive wear.
  3. Scan your roofing surface for any sign of wind damage. If heavy winds accompany a winter storm, make a visual inspection of your roof once the weather calms down to see if any shingles have come loose or gone missing. Missing, broken, or bruised roof materials can lead to a variety of problems in your home, including leaks, mold and mildew. These will need to be replaced promptly to prevent leaks and other problems associated with shingle gaps.
  4. Use a roof rake to remove excess snow buildups on your rooftop. As a general rule of thumb, more than one foot of snow could potentially cause damage. However, to be on the safe side, some experts recommend raking any accumulation greater than six inches off your roof. Never stand on an icy roof! Rake the roof from a ladder, and make sure that someone is home or nearby when you are on the ladder. 
  5. If you haven’t already and weather conditions still permit, apply a weatherproof coating to all parts of your roof with gentle or even slopes. This will help you avoid roof leaks down the road.

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  1. Posted March 15, 2016 at 4:41 pm | Permalink

    A few months ago, my gutters got clogged, causing my roof to leak. I ended up having to have my roofing repaired to fix the issue. Ever since then, though, I have made sure to check my gutters after every rain and snow storm to make sure that another leak doesn’t happen. I have even been considering getting a guard put up over my gutters, but what type helps to prevent ice dams as well as leaves from piling up?

  2. Posted June 30, 2016 at 4:57 pm | Permalink

    Last winter, we had gutter problems and had to repair several things with our roof after this damage was done. It is good to know that there are things we can do to better maintain our gutters. This winter, we will follow this advice and unclog our gutters.

  3. Posted August 19, 2016 at 3:36 pm | Permalink

    I wouldn’t have realized that I needed to weatherproof my roof. That is a smart idea because I just moved to a cold and harsh weather climate. I don’t want the weather to ruin my roof and cause leaks. That would just create problems that I don’t want to have to deal with.

  4. Posted November 29, 2016 at 9:40 pm | Permalink

    I’m so glad you mention scanning your roofing surface for wind damage. We just had a big storm blow through, and the wind was very strong! I wouldn’t have thought to check for that, so I’ll make sure to check out the roof in case the wind damaged it at all!

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