The Purpose and Application of Roof Flashings

The Purpose and Application of Roof Flashings

One of the most common, and often most damaging, roof problems that homeowners experience are roof leaks. A leak can do far more than just allow a little water into the attic. Significant leaks can cause structural deterioration, mold problems, and damage to household belongings.

Flashing is a material designed to keep moisture from entering the home through the roof. It redirects water flow away from the interior of the building, thus providing a defense against the major problems that can result from roof leaks.

The Purpose and Application of Roof Flashings

While the purpose for roof flashing is straightforward, there is far more involved in the application of the material. Flashing must be installed in specific areas to ensure maximum protection against leaks. Any place on your roof with a joint, valley, chimney, pipe, or skylight is a candidate for the installation of flashing.

Depending on the location on the roof, different flashing designs and techniques may be required.

The Purpose and Application of Roofing Flashings

Like any part of your house that is exposed to severe weather, the flashing on your roof can become damaged or less effective over time. The design and placement of flashing may require considerable roofing experience, so it is best to hire an experienced roofing repair contractor to do the work. Over time, nails securing the flashing can come loose, nail heads can become exposed, and the seals at the edges of flashing can be damaged.

Your roofer will repair these by replacing or refastening loose nails, covering exposed nail heads with roofing cement, and resealing the flashing to eliminate leaks. With minor repairs such as these, working to ensure the integrity of your roof is normally a far easier and less expensive project than repairing severe water damage later.

We Handle Flashing Repairs

If you have found problems with your flashing or suspect problems may exist, our roofing experts can perform a thorough inspection and identify possible damage so don’t hesitate to contact All Roofing Solutions. We’re a family owned and operated Delaware roofing contractor with over 15 years of experience in replacing, repairing, and inspecting roofs for residential and commercial clients. Our staff of skilled roofers has years of experience in the installation and repair of every roofing aspect.

We will work with you to identify your needs and will present you with options tailored specifically to your requirements and budget. Our priority is always to provide you with great service!

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