Composite Slate Roofing: 5 Inspection and Maintenance Tips

Composite Slate Roofing: 5 Inspection and Maintenance Tips

Composite slate is one of the most popular commercial roofing materials on the market today, gaining popularity in residential sectors as well . Aside from impressive durability and a relatively low initial cost, composite slate roofing owes much of its popularity to the limited maintenance that it requires.

However, like any roofing material, certain inspection and maintenance steps should still be performed. Below are five tips on how to best prolong the life of composite slate roofs on residential or commercial structures.

Composite Slate Roofing: 5 Inspection and Maintenance Tips

  1. To avoid potential damage, minimize the amount of walking on the roof, especially on peaks or valleys. Walk in the middle of the roof as much as possible. Also, follow all legal and company safety requirements when working on the commercial roof, exercising extreme caution on this smooth material.
  2. Schedule regular slate roofing inspections. Inspections should be done at least annually, and some roofers suggest inspecting composite slate roofs on commercial buildings every 6 months. Spring is a great time for an inspection to ensure any winter damage is addressed promptly.
  3. Check all flashings and valleys on your slate roof. Bad flashings or valleys are among the most common causes of leaks. Minor problems can often be easily repaired before resulting in leaks.
  4. Remove all debris and foreign objects to prevent ice from forming, which can damage your roof. You need to be extra vigilant when ice is melting, as it can form ice dams that refreeze and prevent natural run-off.
  5. Promptly replace or repair any cracked or broken composite slate tiles. Compromised tiles can result in numerous problems, including leaks, interior damage, moisture buildup, and mold. As with any roofing damage, the quicker you deal with the problem, the less chance that compounding problems will affect your business.

The biggest part of ensuring the continued performance of your composite slate roof is planning and being proactive — avoiding problems rather than reacting to them. Leaks and damage to your roof can result in significant cost and hassle—both of which may be avoided with these simple inspection and maintenance tips.

We Handle Composite Slate Roofing Inspections!

With spring around the corner, it is critical to inspect your roofing structure for any winter-related damage. As the snow and ice have disappear, any damage or other roof issues are easier to identify and repair.

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