Residential Metal Roofing Materials: Copper, Aluminum & Steel

Residential Metal Roofing Materials: Copper, Aluminum & Steel

Metal roofing is making major inroads in both the residential and commercial roofing. In addition to excellent durability, metal roofing materials like copper, aluminum and steel help improve building energy efficiency, and are among the most attractive options available.

Metal roofs also add significantly to the resale value of both residential and commercial property, all while reducing maintenance needs because they’re so strong and easy to maintain. Properly installed, a metal roof can last half a century or more. Many metal roofing materials also come with lifetime warranties.

Residential Metal Roofing Materials: Copper, Aluminum & Steel

Here’s a closer look at the three most common metals used in residential roofing projects:

  • Copper. This is one of the most attractive roofing materials on the market, bar none. Copper roofing is unique because the panels slowly change color over time, when exposed to sunlight and the elements. It can dramatically transform the look of your home, adding to its curb appeal and value.
  • Aluminum. Like other metal roofs, aluminum is resistant to fire, wind, moss and rot. Rainfall and snow accumulation slide right off, freeing you from many of the typical roof leak risks associated with shingles. Aluminum roofing panels are also lightweight, reducing your roof’s load-bearing stress.
  • Steel. Steel roofs are self-ventilating, and shake panels are usually available in a variety of configurations, allowing you choose your preferred look.

In addition to the proven benefits of metal roofing, some insurance companies also offer homeowners reduced insurance rates if they install a copper, aluminum or steel roof. These lower rates are possible because, from a statistical standpoint, metal roofs perform better, last longer and have inherently superior fire, wind and weather resistance.

We Install Metal Roofs

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of metal roofing, or if you are interested in obtaining a free installation estimate for your home or commercial building, please contact our team at All Roofing Solutions. We offer timely, affordable and courteous professional services to residential and commercial customers throughout Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania.

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    Roofs manufactured of aluminum have proved to be the best. They provide extra grace to our houses. Even they are very much economical, easy to maintain, easy to install. Its better to instal aluminum gutters due to their long time durability.

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