Winter Roofing Repairs: 6 Safety Rules to Keep in Mind

Winter Roofing Repairs: 6 Safety Rules to Keep in Mind

Winter weather can wreak havoc on a home’s roof, especially on the East Coast, causing problems ranging from ice and snow build up to loose shingles and frozen gutters. While the snow and cold may discourage you from making immediate repairs, these types of problems need to be addressed promptly before they grow into expensive nightmares.

If you’re handling any roofing repair this winter, it’s vital that you put safety first. Winter poses unique hazards when it comes to fixing roof problems. Typical safety concerns include shorter daylight, slippery roof surfaces, hands and feet getting cold and numb, not to mention difficulty working with ladders or scaffolds. Therefore, planning and preparation are key to staying safe when repairing your roof in winter.

Winter Roofing Repairs: 6 Safety Rules to Keep in Mind

Here are six important safety rules that you should always follow if you’re going to attempt roofing repairs during the winter:

  • Check the forecast. Experts recommend planning roofing repairs at a time when your region has experienced two or more consecutive days of relatively mild and pleasant weather, and to perform work on a day with precipitation-free conditions.
  • Clear snow before you start. The first thing you should do if you’re going to attempt a wintertime roofing repair is clear the work area of snowfall accumulation. Be especially caution about structural hazards, such as skylights, drains, pipes, vent stacks, hatches, conduits, and roof-mounted HVAC equipment. Make sure all ladders are stable and slip-resistant, and that you wear appropriate footwear.
  • Slip and fall protection. When professionals perform roof repairs during the winter, they go to great lengths to secure the perimeter of the roof with protective implements to prevent falls. Use personal fall arrest systems and/or temporary guard rails to enhance your safety.
  • Understand materials specifications. Many roofing materials, including shingles, perform better when they’re installed during calm and stable weather conditions. Always read and follow manufacturer specifications for performance and installation.
  • Recognize the warning signs of frostbite. If you’re braving cold weather to work, carefully monitor exposed skin for signs of frostbite. The key early indicator of frostbite is a loss of feeling in the exposed area, so if you find your skin feeling numb, move indoors immediately and leave the roofing repairs for a warmer day.
  • Know when to call a professional. Some things are best left to the pros, and winter roofing repairs are one of them. Professional crews have specialized training and equipment that enables them to get the job done even in winter weather, and it’s well worth the extra investment to ensure necessary repairs are done safely and properly.

Always put safety first. Roofing can be hazardous, even in the best weather conditions. During the winter, it can be downright perilous. Never take safety risks, and if you’re faced with a pressing problem like ice dams or leaks, you’re probably better off leaving the job to a professional experienced in all aspect of residential roofing rather than trying to tackle it yourself.

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  1. Posted February 15, 2016 at 2:04 pm | Permalink

    Thanks so much for the post. I’ve ended up doing some roofing repairs to my family’s house a few times, so I appreciate it when you said, “know when to call a professional.” Part of our roof is very high, steep and surrounded by concrete. I’m scared just being up there, let alone working. I certainly wouldn’t want to try in the winter. If we have problems this winter, I’ll be sure to call someone!

  2. Posted February 16, 2016 at 1:46 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the tip about cleaning snow before beginning a roof repair project. I definitely want to make sure I’m safe while on top of my roof.

  3. Posted February 18, 2016 at 8:23 am | Permalink

    Being up on a roof can be very dangerous in perfect conditions not to mention during the winter. There are a lot of slippery conditions to be aware of. Like you point out it is good to clean all the snow and ice off the roof before you start working. That will help you focus on the work, and not have to worry about where all the ice patches are while you are working. Thanks for the great article on roof safety.

  4. Posted February 18, 2016 at 1:30 pm | Permalink

    Safety harness tied to something sturdy will do the job of protecting you in case you slip and fall. Also toe holds and proper footwear and a must.

  5. Posted February 21, 2016 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    These are some great safety tips. Last winter I tried to do some roof repair, and things didn’t go so well. I thought for sure I was going to fall off the roof. Fortunately I didn’t, but I think you’re right in saying that sometimes you’ve just got to call in a professional. Risking your life just isn’t worth it.

  6. Posted February 26, 2016 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

    I usually try to do roof repairs myself—especially when it’s something basic, like replacing the shingles. However, in the winter, I think it’s important to contract and hire professionals. It can be very dangerous if your roof has ice or snow on it. It’s essential that you know when you’re over your head!

    Alex Jennings |

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