Residential Roofing: Preventing Winter Skylight Leaks

Residential Roofing: Preventing Winter Skylight Leaks

Skylights, when installed correctly, can be a functional and beautiful addition to any home. The extra natural light skylights bring can visually expand interior spaces, reduce utility bills and ward off the winter blues. And in winter, most homeowners with skylights appreciate the added warmth a skylight can provide.

The problem, however, lies in the occasional skylight leak that occurs when the weather is at its coldest and wettest. Skylight leaks can be an expensive road to major roof, drywall, carpet and flooring damage. Additionally, a leaky skylight may be an indication of more serious, hidden damage – prevention and prompt diagnosis are the first step to handling potential skylight leaks!

You can prevent winter skylight leaks by performing regular roof maintenance and timely inspections.

What Causes Skylights To Leak?

Winter skylight leaks can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Damaged or missing areas of flashing
  • Roof damage in which water travels into the house through the skylight
  • Insufficient winter roof maintenance
  • Condensation problems from too much humidity

How Can You Prevent Winter Skylight Leaks

Many of these skylight issues can be cleared up and water damage can be prevented through seasonal roof inspections. An inspection contractor looks for damage not only to the shingles, flashing and gutters, but also interior issues that could be causing your problems. It is best to schedule roof inspections before the winter to make sure your home is ready for the cold and wet. You may want to schedule another inspection in the spring to confirm that your roof and skylight made it through the storms in one piece, and address any necessary roof repairs following this wet season.

Taking care of your roof during winter is another way to prevent skylight leaks. First and foremost, clear your roof of snow as quickly as possible after the storm. Speedy yet safe snow removal does not give the precipitation time to melt and refreeze on the roof, creating ice dams. Ice dams can block drainage to the point that moisture can seep into the home through the roof and skylight.

Another factor to consider in regard to your winter skylight leaks is the humidity level in the highest floor of your home. Too much humidity in the air, whether it comes from the laundry room or bathroom, can cause condensation on skylight glass while leading to leaks around the frame. Ask your roofing contractor to suggest an appropriate ventilation system or dehumidifier for your home to prevent condensation.

Hire Professional Roofer To Help!

Skylight leaks can be tricky and improper repairs can lead to significant interior damage, so it’s best to hire a professional roofer experienced in proper diagnosis & repair.

If you notice leaks around your skylight, contact All Roofing Solutions, a family owned & operated local roofing contractor with nearly two decades of experience in residential roofing. We’ll evaluate your skylight and surrounding shingles, and recommend repairs that will fit your budget and remedy your water problems.

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    So if the skylight isn’t installed correctly with the roofing, it can leak. We will have to have our roof inspected regularly then to prevent any water damage that might happen. I hadn’t even realized that knocking the snow off the roof during the winter was so good for preventing damage. Next winter you can bet that I’ll be out there doing that.

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