3 Ways To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Roof

3 Ways To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Roof

When weather extremes hit, whether in summer or winter months, increased energy costs are inevitable. Extended use of heating and cooling systems easily equate to more dollar signs for a homeowner. While there are many ways to reduce energy costs in your home, focusing on a more energy efficient roofing is often one of the most effective, as the roof is your home’s first line of defense against the elements.

3 Ways To Improve Energy Efficiency Of Your Roof

Adequate attic insulation

A relatively simple and inexpensive way to make your roof more energy efficient is by ensuring that you have adequate insulation. Poorly insulated attics do not provide a home with the protection required to combat temperature extremes and keep energy costs down. This is especially true for older homes, which normally have less insulation than homes built more recently. While adding new insulation to a poorly insulated attic will provide some benefit, it is important to know the optimal amount and type of insulation that should be used.

Cooling roof coating

Another method for increasing your roof’s energy efficiency is to add a cooling coating or material to the roof. Anyone who has worn black in the summer sun knows the impact of dark colors on heat retention. The same principle applies to your roof: the darker the roof, the more heat is retained. A qualified roofer can apply a coating to the roof, such as a cool-roofing paint, to reduce heat retention.

Coating your roof can reduce heat energy costs and increase UV and waterproofing protection for the roof, aside from other benefits, such as extending the life of your roof. Replacing aging shingles can also provide increased protection against the sun. With numerous cooling options available and with every house requiring a specific solution, homeowners should schedule a roofing inspection with a roofing contractor before deciding on the best roof-cooling strategy.

Energy efficient roofing materials

While adding insulation and roof-cooling materials are inexpensive and easy options that can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your roof, sometimes you will be left with roofing replacement as your only sensible option. When adding a new roof to your home, energy efficiency should be a major factor in your decision.

There are a number of energy efficient roofing materials available to choose from. For example, metal roofing, while initially more expensive than shingle, provides significant savings in energy bills over the lifetime of the roof. Proper installation is critical, so contact a roofing contractor with experience in the particular material you’re using.

We Can Help You Improve Energy Efficiency Of Your Roof

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    For example, Window PSP – with a coarse grit on the front side is applied to the upper layer of roof membrane.

    If your professional contractor needs this, then might as well find another one.
    On top of that, identify the type of guarantee offered by
    the service provider.

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    Using the right roofing material is key and metal roof is a clear winner here.

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    Fantastic advice (in a fantastic blog set up). These are 3 fantastic ways to keep a check on your roof and make sure that it is functioning healthily and efficiently.

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    I am agreed with your viewpoints energy costs are inevitable or unexpected but we can find these by following factors like wall, windows, doors roofs etc. You have suggested such a great ways to improve efficiency of the roof with more ease and in a most efficient way. Thanks for give a link for free solutions. I have got very useful stuff by exploring this site.

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    Great Blog. I have enjoyed the information thus far. We own a roofing company, and are always one of the first points of contacts for homeowners regarding increasing energy efficiency within their home. This is a great post, and I appreciate your writing it. Metal roofing has become one of our main focuses here recently due to the advantages it offers. I certainly agree. Thanks!

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