Residential Roofing: 5 Replacement Myths Busted

One of the biggest decisions a homeowners will ever make is choosing to replace the roof on their property. There are many reasons behind deciding to re-roof instead of just repair: existing damage, wear and tear, sale of the house, aesthetic, etc.

While roofing replacement is a project many go through at one point or another, there are still many myths and misconceptions out there painting a false picture of what it means to install a new roof over a home. For example, many homeowners think that new roof installation is a huge investment of time and money, but this is not always the case. Roofing replacement can be time- and cost-efficient, and can improve your home’s curb appeal like no other project.

Bottom line: it’s important to educate yourself about roofing issues and myths about roofing replacement that should be once-and-for-all busted.

Residential Roofing: 5 Replacement Myths Busted

Residential Roofing: 5 Replacement Myths Busted

Myth #1 – Installing a new roof yourself is easy.

Many homeowners are handy enough for minor repairs around the house and yard. A roof, however, must be installed properly to function well and last as long as possible. Self-installation of roofs by non-certified laypeople may be adequate in the short-term, but can lead to future problems with leaks and damage to the sub-roof, flashing, or siding. There are simply too many possible opportunities for roof damage due to improper installation by an untrained person.

Bottom line: Hire a qualified roofer to do the job for you to ensure the roof will be laid correctly the first time!

Myth #2 – New roofs are expensive.

It’s true that roof replacement can be costly in terms of the initial investment. But the expense may not be as high as you might think. Roofing materials vary in composition as well as cost. Asphalt shingles, for example, are not as expensive as metal roofing or wood shakes. There are also different lines of asphalt shingles to choose from, with some varieties more affordable than others. An increased market value of your re-roofed home is a perk that many homeowners realize after replacing the roof, and can offset your initial expense. Finally, roof replacement sometimes is the more cost-effective option when faced with frequent roof repairs.

Bottom line: Your new roof doesn’t have to break the bank – research different materials but don’t skimp on quality installation!

Myth #3 – Roof installation takes forever.

The noise and perceived chaos (another myth!) of roofing replacement does not have to drag on for weeks, even days. Most residential homes are pretty straightforward when it comes to laying a new roof. Many roofing companies can re-roof a home in only a day or two, depending upon the size of your house.

Bottom line: Roofing replacement can often be done in a day!

Myth #4 – You can just add a new layer.

Adding a top layer of shingles to the existing structure may sound like “quick fix” and in certain situations it is a safe and widely used technique for replacing a worn roof that saves time and money. However, tearing off the old layer is the golden standard in roofing replacement. Removal of old roofing material provides your roofer with an opportunity to look at any issues that might be creeping up underneath the existing roof. Additionally, an overlay cuts the life expectancy of the second layers of shingles in half, so if you want your new roof to last longer removing the old roofing materials is recommended.

Bottom line: Don’t take the easy route – remove old roofing materials and start the new roof from scratch!

Myth #5 – All roofing contractors are the same.

Roofing contractors vary widely in education, experience, and skill. They also vary in how they estimate, run the project, subcontract, and cleanup. Additionally, different contractors offer different workmanship warranties & installation guarantees. It’s also important to select a contractor specializing in the roofing material of your choice – some roofing manufacturers require certification and training in the installation of their products.

Bottom line: Shopping for a skilled & reliable roofing contractor is much like shopping for anything else with a large price tag – do your homework to learn about each potential roofing contractor before taking the plunge with any particular company.

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    Yes installing a new roof requires professional training and utmost expertise, some home owners, to save money, get some manuals and try to attempt it themselves and even do it, with out realizing they might have done a less than perfect job and in the longer run they may have to shell out more money than they wanted to save. And cheap roofers also do not ensure quality work at low rates.

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